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Discover how to use your feminine energy to magnetize your man


Love. The stuff the universe is made of and yet, we often find it lacking in our own lives. Dating and relationships can sometimes be dispiriting but in Attract Soulmate Love you can discover the powerful tools to help you to attract the love you want. You really can have the committed and loving relationship that you dream of. By harnessing your natural feminine energy, you can become magnetic to manifesting your soulmate and learn the skills to create a relationship that will last a lifetime.

You will find out how you are accidentally sabotaging your relationships and how to create intense attraction which will draw a man to you, like a moth to a flame. This is the energy that inspires a man to pursue you and create a deep connection which will stand the test of time. Let go of the struggle to find love and all those feelings of frustration around men and relationships. There are simple solutions to all your troubles and you will be shocked how easy it is to attract the man of your dreams or even revive a relationship gone bad when you get the keys to unlocking a man's heart.

Too often we try to connect to a man in a way that is never going to reach him and create the joyous and intimate relationship we desire. You will understand how to behave in a way that draws a man CLOSER instead of pushing him away.  From now on you will create a fulfilling relationship with your soulmate which feels SO EASY and experience long lasting joy, love, romance and deep union.


Pleated Fabric


Attract Soulmate Love is for all women who are looking for a masculine man who is emotionally healthy. A masculine man naturally takes on the role of protector and provider. He will have an instinct to pursue a woman who flows with feminine energy. We delve deep into understanding masculine and feminine energies: how both genders flow with these energies and how we can harness them to create a magnetic dynamic between a man and a woman.

  • How to communicate with a guy in a way that he can connect with on a deep level.


  • How to easily dissolve your own blocks to love.

  • Identifying the patterns which keep you separate from love.

  • How to amplify your own feminine energy to attract a masculine energy man, like a magnet.

  • How to come into Right Alignment so that you and your beloved are serendipitously united.

  • How to heal yourself of past hurts and rejection.

  • Dating tips and how to use your feminine energy to manifest your man.

  • Manifestation and energy hacks for inviting more love and abundance into your life.

  • How to create intense attraction between you and your guy.



'Men seek a divinity to serve and adore, and women were given the power to fulfill this desire in a man through their sensuality'
Lebo Grand
'A woman in love with herself is magnetic'.
 Abiola Abrams
'I have both feminine and masculine energy inside me. Both are so equally powerful.'
Juansen Dizon


"There is so much information in this book. I wish I had known this stuff years ago! It is really eye opening. I have really been enjoying dating and have met amazing men as a result of implementing this healing advice."

Cath, Melbourne

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