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The heart wants what the heart wants and sometimes only one person will do. This powerful meditation will magnetically draw your special person into your life. Filled with beautiful imagery, this meditation will guide you to release your past experiences and tap into the infitite possibilities which are available to you. Everything is energy and by reprogamming your mind, you will come into perfect alignment with the frequency of the person you desire and manifest them in your life with grace and ease. 


Tips for getting results

Listen for at least 21 days. For best results; set your intention in the meditation and then relax while the universe takes care of your desire. Our advice is 'set it and forget it'. Manifestation always occurs when it is in the highest good of everyone concerned. It is never a good idea to try and manifest someone who is manipulative, abusive or makes you unhappy. Use at your own discretion.


Duration: 55 minutes


Read by a female voice with an English accent.


It is illegal to copy or redistribute this MP3 file once purchased.


How to Download

Download and save your meditation from the links provided. You can access the links in the email confirmation or your receipt. Download links are valid for 30 days only. Save your files on your device for permenant access. 

Manifest a Specific Person

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